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Another Review: Yard Sale

Another Review: Yard Sale

The thing that annoys me about We Are Charlie is that no-one in the band is called Charlie; so technically they aren’t Charlie – unless they’re not telling us something. Although, it is interesting to note that in a stroke of genius – their band name predates the Charlie Hebdo attack. In some strange twist of fate, We Are Charlie bears a sense of solidarity with the victims of the attack. Although, if you’re looking for scathing political commentary and deep, profound statements regarding the perversion of religion then We Are Charlie shall disappoint you.

We Are Charlie rather presents you with the brighter side of life on their debut EP Yard Sale. Their music is plain and simple indie rock without any frills and deeply layered meanings attached to their music. Jangling guitar riffs and foot-tapping kick drum beats burst forth from the irresistible opening song “Hey Friend” as the band gives a cheerful tribute to those special people in our lives who make the razor blade days seem like lemonade days. The folk-styled ballad that is “Summer House” contains a certain level of irony as I sit on the Stellenbosch campus, writing this review, while waiting for a Private Law lecture to begin. The lyric of “I don’t know how to sit in a lecture / because I don’t want to lose my soul” slips from the tongue of lead singer, Dylan Christie, as he yearns for the freedom and relief that summer holds. The EP never tires of playing around with the tried and tested indie rock formula, but never pushes the boundaries of the comfort zone with the genre. It rather moulds itself around getting the desire effect, of euphoria, with the least amount of effort.

Yard Sale is one of those EPs that were released at the perfect moment. It is an EP to soundtrack the hazy, heat-filled days as the cruel sun beats down on us while we go about our tedious daily routines made worse by the sluggish heat. Yard Sale injects the monotonous routine of life with a sense of whimsical cheerfulness. The catchy four chord riffs put a spring in your step and the kick drum beats away at the early morning blues while you sip on the life-giver that is coffee. With their uniquely simple sound and catchy songs, We Are Charlie is a band that could potentially start making waves in the music scene. Not for overt technical skills, but just for being a band with a catchy, simple sound that doesn’t tend to abide to the typical Western influences that are prevalent in many South African bands.

Article by: Craig Roxburgh